Sunday, April 14, 2024

An Urgent Call To Unite Africa

Recently, South Africa government sued Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for its alleged crimes of genocide, against the Palestinian people. This act was welcomed by many, who saw in the South African government, the courage and will to do so. As it has been, unlike, the rest of Africa, to pursue justice on behalf of all oppressed people.

However, soon after the judgement of that noble institution, Israel is preparing even stronger military actions against the last safe zone, where many Palestinians have been displaced. This can lead to many civilian casualties, and other crimes for which new names must enter the dictionary.

The question is: was the ICJ worth, when on the face, Israel and its sponsor America has ignored its judgements? More importantly, the US Congress is currently discussing a bill to review US-South Africa relations, in retaliation for the South African government’s decision towards Israel. If this comes to fruition, it could lead to sanctions, that will mainly harm ordinary South African citizens.

The point here is that Africa must unite. If, for instance this decision was taken, not by a single country, but by the whole of Africa, who can sanction, the whole continent? Unity is where our salvation, our dignity, and our power, as African people lie.

The main thing to understand, is that, there is no longer any individual cause to fight for, as an African country; before all of us there is a major task: the liberation and emancipation of Africa, and Africans around the world, and it is a collective task.

Please join the vehicle that will bring that much needed unity and give us the strength to fight these battles ahead. The African Continental Unity-ACUP is that vehicle, and together to rebuild the African power base, by clicking the link:

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