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Many have asked What the AU is and how it works. Within what we call the African Union (AU), Power lies in the hands of the African heads of state, how do you expect an organisation to make decisions when the people who are supposed to give it power stay away? Heads of state like Museveni and others who stay away from attending AU meetings with claims that the organisation doesn’t work are just giving excuses.

The AU is the heads of state, and the heads of state are the AU, so if it fails, it is the African heads of state to blame, African heads of state can give whatever excuses, but let’s ask them; how many recommendations by the AUC (African Union Commission) have they signed on or implemented since they have and make the ULTIMATE decision as the highest decision making body of the union?

A general view shows the headquarters of the African Union (AU) building in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa. PHOTO BY Tiksa Negeri

The AUC chair Musa Faki said in his speech during the 37th AU Ordinary Session of African heads of state that 93% of the decisions and recommendation were not implemented. With this clearly shown, it should not be hard to see that the African presidents are the ones holding the organisation hostage to foreign interests due to their failure to work together, it is not the AUC (African Union Commision). The commission’s work is to recommend and advise the Heads of state and also to implement what they agree on. When they agreed on establishment of the AfCFTA (African Continental Free Trade Area), it got established, they agreed on PAP (Pan African Parliament) it got established, then they agreed on a single passport for Africa, instead of going back home to give out African Passports, they continued with their national passports, this is after they agreed and launched on a Single African this in 2016 in Kigali.

The African heads of state agreed on the reforms and mechanisms for self-funding for the AU, when reforms were done by President Kagame of Rwanda, and what to do about financing was communicated, majority of the heads of state refused to pay for the organisation to be self-sufficient.

When the organisation was reformed in 2002 from OAU to AU, it was supposed to work and it indeed did under Gaddafi, what the heads of state did is, Jonathan Goodluck, Jacob Zuma, and Museveni himself betrayed the person of Gaddafi who was leading the transformation of the organisation to a functional one, yet it was gaining momentum.

President Muammar Gaddafi

In Sirte they were supposed to establish a Single military, did the African heads of state do it? No, President Museveni was there when the AU was working but he was instead working against the organisation with his other colleagues due to their personal interests and then differences with President Gaddafi, they failed to distinguish between their personal issues and the interests of the whole Continent.

When former President Jonathan Goodluck goes to the United States and is awarded by the people African decent with medals of service to Africa, I ask, for what service to Africa did Jonathan Goodluck or Jacob Zuma do?

The African Heads of State are the Stumbling block to the Continent’s Rapid progress, this is especially from the fact that, for the Continent to make progress, they should work together to confront the Continent’s problems. Whether it is external aggression through direct wars and sanctions on Zimbabwe and Eritrea, a flood in Malawi, financing of the AU, stopping of the war in D.R. Congo and head on confronting Imperialism to its defeat.

All these decisions have to be made by the African heads of state and not the powerless African people or the AU commission. The presidents have instead chosen to sit at home, some entrench themselves with imperialist interests against their own brothers with example being President Nana Addo and his conniving with the United State against Burkina Faso, they continue to be irresponsible, negligent of the continent’s resources and people, reckless, they utter all sorts of useless talk telling us how the AU is not working.

Imperialism sees these heads of state as people who don’t care about their continent, citizens and resources, from there it continues to hatch more diabolical schemes, create more chaos and divisive tactics, plunder out the African resources, Kill Africans and use them as guinea pigs to test western medicines and finally entrench itself.

The African Heads of state are the Problem because they are the AU, and the AU is them.

Kwame Gonza
Kwame Gonza
Kwame Gonza is A Pan Africanist member of the African Continental Unity Party (ACUP), a Mechanical Engineer and the Pioneer of the Africa Railway Triangle Network Master Plan (ARTNMP) which aims to Connect the Whole African Continent. He is a Geopolitical analyst who has been a guest on SABC News South Africa, Press TV Iran, TV Africa Ghana, Oromia Broadcasting TV in Ethiopia and Channel TV Nigeria to Comment and advice on the future of Africa and Pan African Issues.

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